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        Automatic Labeling Machine

        • SRT-115 corner printing labeling machine
        • SRT-115 corner printing labeling machine
        SRT-115 corner printing labeling machineSRT-115 corner printing labeling machine

        SRT-115 corner printing labeling machine

        • Product Name: SRT-115 corner printing labeling machine
        • Product No:SRT-115
        • Category: Labeling Machine
        • Added time: 2019-2-11 13:09:56
        • Product description: Product Description: Consulting procurement, SRT-115 corner printing labeling machine, horizontal labeling machine, double-sided labeling machine, etc., please find Shanghai Suren Machinery Manufactur
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        Features introduction:

        1. Adopt all imported printing engine, clear print content and simple setup

        2. Equipped with Japanese Pro-face touch screen, the operation is simple and fast.

        3. The main mechanism is made of SUS304 stainless steel and A6061 high-strength aluminum alloy, which conforms to GMP regulations.

        4. Function matching: American Zebra print engine, Japan SATO print engine

        5. Other special functions (such as QR code, barcode reading detection)


        Labeling speed: 30 / min (depending on the size of the sticker and the content of the print)

        Labeling accuracy: ±1mm

        Voltage power: AC220V 50Hz single phase 1.5KW

        Scope of application: instant printing labeling of various production batch numbers, barcodes, QR codes, chamfer seals, etc.

        Process flow: feeding→separation→clamping→content printing and labeling→finished product→lower process

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