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        What to do if the automatic labeling machine flies?

        When using the sleeve labeling machine, sometimes the sleeve label will fly. So what is the reason? What's the solution?

        Common reasons for non-standard results:

        1. The label has static electricity;

        2. Labels are unstable;

        3. Insufficient tension;

        4. The conveyor belt is slack or loose.

        Ways to solve non-standard sets of standards:

        1. Use anti-static spray or wipe to clean the label surface and remove static electricity;

        2. Adjust the label to ensure that the label is firm and fixed in the initial position with appropriate tension;

        3. Increase the tension of the transmission system to ensure stable movement of the label;

        4. Check whether the conveyor belt is slack or loose, and make necessary adjustments;

        The above are the solutions to the misalignment of the standard. The specific situation requires comprehensive judgment on site.

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